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Advanced Space Battle available again
Written by Trixter

Our space strategy game Advanced Space Battle goes into the last round: the final delivery has arrived and therefore are the last 23 copies of the Deluxe Edition available in our shop now. Do not Miss!

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Scene news: Funkpaint 0.42a released
Written by Trixter

The Hungarian group Singular has released a new version of FunkPaint. The tool offered a large number of functionalities in the past already, including support for three mouse buttons and new – support for the scrollwheel – if used with the Micromys-adapter. But the tool also supports the Amiga mouse, e.g. plugged into the 4 player interface at port three. It uses all the RAM extensions you could think of (REU, RR-RAM, Superram, GeoRam, IDE64/swap files).


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New Protovision members: DJ Gruby & Prime Suspect
Written by Trixter

We in Protovision are proud to announce our newest members,
DJ Gruby and Prime Suspect!

DJ Gruby, with whom we have cooperated for some time already, has 
joined forces with us and is now another coder of Protovision. He is also 
active in other groups and has released a great, themed demo lately, called

Prime Suspect, a coder from Canada, is now also part of the team. He works on many smaller game projects currently and posts previews of the on youtube sometimes. Some of the very small games will not be distributed via Protovision, though (we will either give them away as freeware or Prime will have them distributed another way). Here are some examples for his game projects:


Scene News: New PTV Mention
Written by Trixter

The final Datastorm party (February/Gothenburg-Sweden) sparked the last time a veritable explosion of high-quality demos, images, and music for the C64.

Fairlight, Offence and Prosonix. Softwareproductions in the merge of these legendary groups represent the finest demo quality and achieve regularity top rankings on various demoparties – so is also their latest demo “We Are All Connected“. This masterpiece scored the first place and as a matter of course once again Protovision was (elaborately staged) greeted.

Congratulations to the won C64 demo competition, we thank and salute hereby back and we love you!

In any case, you have to have see and hear the other productions of this fantastic party – this is of course done best on a real C64! :-)

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Scene News: New Game: The Vice Squad
Written by Trixter

Our friends in RGCD and Psytronik have another new release in store.

The Vice Squad is all about clearing the streets of criminal foes. The shoot and drive game features an interesting weapon system and  knows to impress with its fine ingame graphics and brilliant title  music.


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Protovision and Out of Order join forces
Written by Trixter

Protovision alone is not chaotic and omnipotent enough – therefore we are that we can officially announce the start of our cooperation with Out of Order Softworks!

Out of Order is renowned in Germany for their hilarious adventure series “Leisure Suit Leo” and the long lasting event series “Out of Orderia“.

Now if you haven’t heard of them before, shame on you, because it  does seem as if you didn’t check out all the links in our link section with the due respect! Tsk, tsk…

OK, to make a long story short: we have a lot of stuff to work on together and we’re immensely looking forward to a fruitful coop with many new releases for our Commodore from Protovision and Out of Order Softworks!


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Bomb Mania Module sold out in record time
Written by Trixter

On the 19th of December, at approximately 10am, we made the strictly limited Bomb Mania Module available in our shop. What happened next came as a surprise even to us: Bomb Mania sold out in less than 10 hours. Okay, we only had 20 modules, but we were expecting them to last at least a couple of months, seeing as this was already the 3rd edition of a classic.

Apologies to everybody who was hoping to get one and didn’t – the games we plan to publish this year will be available in higher numbers again, as usual.

By the way, Bomb Mania (among other classic multiplayer games) is part of the 4 Player Games Compilation. It is limited to 40, but there’s still a few available in our shop.


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JTR interviewed
Written by Trixter (a german “magazine for extended design of leisure time”) has published a comprehensive interview with our Jakob (JTR). Learn about the C64, Protovision and Jake’s own perspective:

You can find more interviews, reviews of our games and more in our press section.


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Scene News: New PTV Mention
Written by Trixter’s german article “Auf dem Index: Die frühen Pixel-Schlachten” (“Indexed Games: The Early Pixel Battles”) mentions Protovision – albeit not in the context of the article’s main focus (violent games), but as a source for new and fresh C64 games.


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