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The registration period of the Forum64 & Protovision Game Competition 2017 ends 2017, October 31st.


We develop and sell NEW games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64.

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Sam’s Journey: Auction dropped In favor of Early Ordering!
Written by JTR

After carefully considering all feedback that we received about the planned Sam’s Journey auction, we have decided to dismiss the auction idea and instead allow for payed orders of the upcoming C64 game Sam’s Journey right away.

That means: Sam can be ordered starting in October and will be shipped in December!

Also on the 1st of October, the full contents of the Sam box package will be revealed.

Thank you to all who have offered to send us their payment in advance! You are all our heroes as this helps us very much to produce enough Sams so we can deliver quickly to everyone in December.

At the time of delivery, also the download version of Sam will be made available (all physical editions of Sam include also the digital distribution).
If you have a pre-registration of Sam, we will send you a dedicated email in October with instructions on completing your order.

Here you are with the revised timeline for the release of Sam’s Journey:

  • 30 September 2017: pre-registration phase ends
  • 1 October 2017: Sam can be ordered in the Protovision shop
  • December 2017 (exact date to be announced): Sam will be shipped out / Downloads will be made available

Please bear in mind that shipment will take a while with the exceptional high number of orders.
Those who have a pre-registration of Sam’s Journey will be handled with priority when it comes to shipping out Sam.

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Announcement: Cartridge version of It’s Magic 2 coming to your C64!
Written by JTR

Besides Sam’s Journey and Galencia, we plan to release more games on cartridge, including re-releases of existing titles. The first game to also come on our new standard cartridge is going to be It’s Magic 2. The highscore is saved on the cartridge.

As well, It’s Magic 2 will now receive the boxed release it had always deserved!

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Galencia for C64: New Demo available
Written by JTR

We have a new Demo version of Galencia by Jason Aldred available on our homepage. The new demo is technically updated and is PAL/NTSC compatible. A new PAL and NTSC compatible version is also available at now.

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Galencia: Cassette Version Online Poll
Written by JTR

As some people voiced the need for buying Galencia on Cassette, we are considering releasing Galencia not only on disk and cartridge, but also on tape.

If you want a cassette version of Galencia, let us know via our poll!

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New dust covers and cartridges – additional items for our shop!
Written by JTR

We now offer you newly made high quality transparent dust covers for your C64 / C64c in a professional packaging.

As well, we have the new FM Radio module, the new LumaFix for a better video image produced by your 64, the cynthCART64 cartridge, GeoRAM (newly produced) and a 1541 diagnostics cartridge in the shop for you. All nicely boxed. Have a look at the pictures!

Oh, and we have probably the last remaining sealed stock of CMD EX3 expansion port expanders.

See the Hardware and Miscelaneos Sections in the shop.

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Status of the Forum64 & Protovision C64 Sports Game Compo
Written by JTR

Our first Commodore64 coop game compo with Forum64 is starting well. We have 13 teams participating already, including enthusi/Veto (known from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles), Zaadii (Hack Attack), Endurion (e.g. Soulless, Guns’n’Ghosts, Awakening), M.J. (The Three Musketeers) and our own Majikeyric (Lumberjack). Also Jammer, the musician from Caren and the Tangled Tentacles, is participating as a programmer.

Anyway, we still want more participants! Sign up NOW until October and win hundreds of Euros with your C64 sports game!
…and two more reasons to sign up:

  1. We allow also games without a single player mode now (But they will receive a 35% penalty)!
  2. We are giving away a C64 Reloaded Board (MK1) to the compo winner!

Sign up on the game competition pages.

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Timeline for the release of Sam’s Journey for C64
Written by JTR

Sam is getting closer to a release.
However we have to master a few more challenges before we can ship it out.

One of these challenges is producing and financing about 700 Sams upfront – because that costs far more than 10.000 Euros!


Protovision doesn’t have that money… this is one of the reasons why we have decided to release Sam in multiple phases:

  • the current pre-registration phase ends end of September
  • from 1st of October to end of October we’ll run an auction for the lowest serial numbers of Sam (more on that in a separate post)
  • from 1st of November we’ll open a possibility to preorder Sam in the shop – this time including payment.
  • in December (we don’t have an exact date yet) we will ship Sam. Auction winners and users with a pre-registration will be handled with priority.

Please understand that the shipping of Sam’s Journey will take weeks given the high order numbers.

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October is the month of the Sam Auction!
Written by JTR

UPDATE 12.09.2017 Auction dropped In favor of Early Ordering!

Multiple Sam’s Journey enthusiasts have contacted us and asked if it were possible to get a Sam with a low serial number.

Actually, we did not intend to attach serial numbers to Sam at all, but now we will give the first 64 Sams a serial number and auction them to the highest bidders.

This way, everyone has the same chances for obtaining a Sam with a low serial number – or you can stay out of it entirely and buy a regular Sam without any serial number.

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Protovision on Patreon
Written by JTR

Let’s just assume you like what we are doing and you want to pay your respect to us with style. For that case we’ve opened up a Patreon site where you can do just that by donating a minimal amount to Protovision each month. Currently there’s no rewards, though, except for the warm feeling of supporting active high quality C64 game development.


NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Thalamus is coming back!
Written by JTR

One of our all time favorite game makers are getting active on the C64 again: Thalamus.

Watch their teaser and be sure to back the upcoming Thalamus Hunter’s Moon Remastered Edition on Kickstarter!


Thalamus is also on Facebook.
Thalamus on Twitter/Instagram: @thalamusdigital

Watch the Teaser Video:

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