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We develop and sell NEW games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64.

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NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Tiger Claw available as paid download
Written by JTR

RGCD has released an updated version of Tiger Claw as a paid download (a cartridge version was only available in combination with a kickstarter campaign).

Tiger Claw is a nifty little „beat and run“ game with a very complex and subtle steering to it.

And: the new version has a „versus“ mode that lets 4 fearless gamers compete against
each other – naturally with support for our 4 Player Interface!

tiger claw

We also recommend the game Powerglove from the same author:

power glove

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NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Scene World #26
Written by JTR

The PAL & NTSC disk magazine Scene World #26 has been released recently, and you can also find a video review of Heroes & Cowards there (and a text version of that review).

You may download SWO #26 from here:
Disk cover:

Or you can read it directly online via a web emulator:


And here is the video review of Heroes & Cowards:

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NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: New 4 player game: Shotgun
Written by JTR

ZeHa has released a little game with support for our 4 Player Interface.
The game mechanics appear to be simple, but they are really fun!

Grab the game here:

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THE new platformer is coming: Sam’s Journey
Written by JTR

Chester Kollschen and Stefan Gutsch (Bomb Mania, Metal Dust…) are back!

Together with Alexander Ney they are the Knights of Bytes and they are working on what is most probably the best scrolling platformer that has ever been made for the C64. We are proud and overly happy to announce that Sam’s Journey will be available through Protovision sometime later this year!

More details on Sam can be found on the Knights of Bytes homepage and also on the Protovision page, of course.

As one disk feels to tight for Sam already, we are planning to ship it out to you either on two disks or on cartridge.

*The Sisters are history*


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Protovision goes Cartridge
Written by JTR

In cooperation with Knights of Bytes and individual Computers, Protovision is going new ways in terms of game cartridges. The project dates back to the times of Enforcer 2, which was supposed to become a cartridge game.

Enforcer 2 didn’t work out – but the cartridge („G-Mod“) is not forgotten!

Chester Kollschen (known for Bomb Mania, Ice Guys and Metal Dust) in close cooperation with Jens Schönfeld has developed the cartridge further so that it fits the needs of the upcoming hit game „Sam’s Journey„: the cartridge not only holds multiple disk sides full of data, it also allows to permanently save data on it and more.

Protovision plans to release both new games on this cartridge and also re-release older games on it.



New professional boxes in the making
Written by JTR

Who hasn’t dreamed of this… a new C64 game in a robust, professionally printed cardboard box with inlays inside that hold disks and cartridges cosy and in place… that is the noble ambition of the new Protovision box! And: we’re relatively close! Currently we are still experimenting with different materials and printing methods to get the best results. But what we can already say is: the box is coming!

The creative guys at Knights of Bytes are currently hand-drawing the amazingly detailed cover art for the Sam’s Journey box.

The below picture has been taken live at their development lab.



The Forum64 Game Competition – now with Protovision
Written by JTR

The Forum64 Game Competition that has brought us a couple of really good adventure games last year is now officially a cooperation project from Forum64 and Protovsion!

New is:

  • The winner gets his own game in a professionally printed box from Protovision (and most probably also an offer for a distro of the game)
  • Protovision offers help to the competitors in case they ask for general support or need a musician/graphician for their project
  • All who hand in a game receive a 5 Euros voucher for Protovision downloads
  • In the future, signing up to the compo will also be possible through the Protovsion homepage, i.e. a Forum64 account is not required anymore

Of course, all participants are still encouraged to release intermediates and also the final compo version of their game as freeware!

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New Protovision member: Majikeyric
Written by JTR

We are happy to welcome a new programmer into our team.

Majikeyric comes from France and has cooperated with us oftentimes before. Last time he did a coop with our musician Yogibear and a small little entry into the RGCD competition called Bug Hunt.



NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: Wifi module for the C64
Written by JTR

Wireless internet is now possible also on the C64. Leif Bloomquist’s Commodore Wifi Modem emulates a C64 modem and is therefore compatible to the Wave and older modem software. It is not compatible to programs that expect an RR-Net. The module plugs into the user port.

Grab at:



Reset Magazine #08 Released – with a Focus on Adventures
Written by Poison

The eighth release of the English language magazine „Reset“ has a focus on Adventure games.

We’re featured twice in this particular issue: with D42, and with Heroes & Cowards by Out of Order Softworks.

Heroes & Cowards scored 9 out of 10 points for its great graphics, entertaining story, and its interesting locations and items – and was rated „Reset… RIPPER!“
The catchy soundtrack was popular with the testers as well.

Not to forget the D42-Adventure System that allows you to easily build your own graphical adventure for the C64; programming skills not required. The D42-Adventure System scored 8 out of 10 points in their test.

You’ll find these and many more interesting tests, information and C64 game news in the current issue – get it right here:


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