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If anyone is doing Larry around here, then it’s him: Leisure Suit Leo 2 – Deluxe Edition!
Written by Poison

Protovision and Out of Order Softworks present the re-release of the graphic adventure Leisure Suit Leo 2 – The Secret of Maniac Island.

The limited deluxe edition is available in German and English.

English speaking adventure fans get the classic game from 1997 for the first time – packaged in a large size box, along with an entertaining manual containing background information and a button to put on and show off.

Get the limited deluxe edition of the game in the Protovision shop now! (Nihilists take the nude download including the manual in pdf-format.)


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D42 Adventure system for C64
Written by Poison

Scheduled for this summer is the release of the D42 Adventure system – a construction set which allows any C64 enthusiast to develop sophisticated graphic adventures in the style of Crime Time or Soul Crystal, without requiring any programming skills. The box includes an editor and a game engine in both German and English, compatible with PAL computers, and an extensive manual in German. An English language version of the manual might appear some day in the far future.

Out of Order Softworks will be present at Gamescom (largest trade fair and event highlight for computer games in Cologne) on two days, presenting both products.


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Scene news: WIP C64-onlinegame Vortex 2
Written by Trixter

Leif Bloomquist released his game Vortex 2 for the testing phase. This game can use the internet to play against another person. In the game you can fly with your ship and shoot at the enemy, but nothing will happen at this stage in the development of the game. The game is auto-updating. You need an RR-Net or compatible cartridge (64NIC+, FB-Net, etc) for your C64 or you can use the VICE emulator. For more informations visit his blog, if you want to give feedback use the Retrohackers forum.



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Scene news: Taxim released new album “Full of Empty”
Written by Trixter

The SID Master Taxim (Alexander Ney) highlighted most recently the winner of last year’s RGCD Compo with an intimate music: Monster Buster.

Also for future Protovision/Out of Order titles is he active – stay tuned!

In addition to the C64, Alex operates with TAXIM, a dark electro and experimental project and has already released some CD’s.
Now TAXIM is back in top form and shows that SID sounds can be partly Cinematic music and Neoclassic elements revalue the previous works.

More information, audio samples, and links to buy can be found on


Scene news: Reset #03 has been released
Written by Trixter

The Reset staff released the third issue of their great magazine, full of reviews, and pure C64 love.

Two of our games were tested:

Reset #03 also featuring the first reviews of Darkness, Rocket Smash EX and Powerglove (retail edition). Also in this issue – Ray Carlsen does a repair by remote control, Sam Dyer discusses his new C64 book and Frank Gasking returns with another Games That Weren’t.

Download now for all this and more!!


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Network interface card RR-Net MK3 available in the shop
Written by Trixter

The third generation of the RR-Net of individual Computers is available in our shop now.

One of the new features of the popular network adapter is that it works directly plugged into the expansion port of the C64 and need no longer additional hardware to work with. Of course, the RR-Net MK3 is compatible with the clock/module ports of other hardware, such as the MMC Replay, MMC64, Retro Replay or Nordic Replay and add the missing network features on this devices too.

Another new feature is that the card has a built in MAC-address that guaranteed the same IP address of the RR-Net MK3 in the network if the device is be allocated by a DHCP server from a router.
For more information, visit our product page and you can order the RR-Net MK3 in our shop now.


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Advanced Space Battle available again
Written by Trixter

Our space strategy game Advanced Space Battle goes into the last round: the final delivery has arrived and therefore are the last 23 copies of the Deluxe Edition available in our shop now. Do not Miss!

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Scene news: Funkpaint 0.42a released
Written by Trixter

The Hungarian group Singular has released a new version of FunkPaint. The tool offered a large number of functionalities in the past already, including support for three mouse buttons and new – support for the scrollwheel – if used with the Micromys-adapter. But the tool also supports the Amiga mouse, e.g. plugged into the 4 player interface at port three. It uses all the RAM extensions you could think of (REU, RR-RAM, Superram, GeoRam, IDE64/swap files).


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New Protovision members: DJ Gruby & Prime Suspect
Written by Trixter

We in Protovision are proud to announce our newest members,
DJ Gruby and Prime Suspect!

DJ Gruby, with whom we have cooperated for some time already, has 
joined forces with us and is now another coder of Protovision. He is also 
active in other groups and has released a great, themed demo lately, called

Prime Suspect, a coder from Canada, is now also part of the team. He works on many smaller game projects currently and posts previews of the on youtube sometimes. Some of the very small games will not be distributed via Protovision, though (we will either give them away as freeware or Prime will have them distributed another way). Here are some examples for his game projects:


Scene News: New PTV Mention
Written by Trixter

The final Datastorm party (February/Gothenburg-Sweden) sparked the last time a veritable explosion of high-quality demos, images, and music for the C64.

Fairlight, Offence and Prosonix. Softwareproductions in the merge of these legendary groups represent the finest demo quality and achieve regularity top rankings on various demoparties – so is also their latest demo “We Are All Connected“. This masterpiece scored the first place and as a matter of course once again Protovision was (elaborately staged) greeted.

Congratulations to the won C64 demo competition, we thank and salute hereby back and we love you!

In any case, you have to have see and hear the other productions of this fantastic party – this is of course done best on a real C64! :-)

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