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Scene news: Our latest web-discoveries concerning D42 and Leo 2
Written by Poison

Spanish retro-blog “Commodore Plus” has published two extensive reviews of the D42 – Adventure System and Leisure Suit Leo 2. Those of you who know some Spanish might want to have a look. And for those who refuse to learn any foreign languages: There are some photos and screenshots, too. :)

Virtual Dimension has once again done some field maintenance with “Vor Ort”, this time on Gamescom 2014. You can watch their entire report on retro computing on YouTube.

Impatient folks can fast forward to minute 10:47 where you can see the D42 Adventure System presented to you by our very own, suit-clad Out of Order expert Volker Rust. You can catch the occasional glimpse at Leisure Suit Leo 2, too.


The last time the folks at Virtual Dimension visited us on the spot was back in 2003 was at Vision Party. Those of you who want to indulge in more memories should stop by our press column and browse through reviews and videos.

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D42 – Adventure System for the Commodore 64/128 released!
Written by Poison

Out of Order Softworks and Protovision present the D42 – Adventure System, a construction set which allows any C64 enthusiast to develop sophisticated graphic adventures in the style of Crime Time, Soul Crystal or Leisure Suit Leo 2, without requiring any programming skills.

For all collectors out there, we offer a top-class limited edition in an extra large box. In it, you’ll find an extensive, high-quality print manual in German language and a classy floppy disk with a transparent cover. The detailed documentation takes you by the hand and gives you useful hints and tricks, guiding you step by step towards creating your first own adventure game.

The D42 Adventure System software is free of charge and is available as a download directly on our product page for you to try out! An English software version of the system is included and working on PAL-machines.

You can also get the German manual in your local bookshop or on Amazon. An English language version of the manual might appear some day in the far future.


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Scene news: Reset magazine issue #4 released
Written by Poison

Reset is a free “C64 only” PDF magazine with a focus on gaming.

On a whopping number of 78 pages you can find, for example, up-to-date test for…

  • Commando Arcade from the Group Nostalgia – a surprise hit that should be part of any C64 game collection!
  • Guns & Ghosts from the creative duo of Georg “Endurion” Rottensteiner and Trevor “Smila” Storey, which you can obtain at Psytronik or RGCD and which we have already warmly recommended in a previous Protovision newsletter.
  • Bellringer III from Geir Straume, which has an 80’s charm and a gameplay in the tradition of hunchback.

As well, our 4 Player compilation (that has been sold out in the meantime) was tested extensively on the latest Amiga User Group (#CommodoreClub) meeting in Melbourne.
Sold out? Yes. But do not worry. You can still get the games individually as downloads (Bomb Mania, Hockey Mania, Team Patrol) or even as limited edition (Tanks 3000) from our shop.

Grab your copy of Reset #4 here:

Reset Magazine issue 4

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Leisure Suit Leo 2 – Deluxe Edition available again
Written by Poison

Leisure Suit Leo 2 goes into the last round: the final delivery has arrived and therefore are the last copies of the Deluxe Edition available in our shop now. Total circulation of the Deluxe Edition will be limited to 99 copies and there will be no further batch! Do not Miss!

C64 Adventure Leisure Suit Leo 2

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Novelty on Gamescom: We proudly present the D42 Adventure System for your Commodore 64!
Written by Poison


Out of Order Softworks will attend Gamescom this week’s Friday and Saturday presenting their newest creation: The D42 – Adventure System, which makes you create classical adventure games in the style of Crime Time or Soul Crystal from scratch. You can check out the system at our stand in the Retro Gaming Area of Hall 10.2. It is also possible to go for a round of Leisure Suit Leo 2 or simply buy one of our products – and be prepared, we’ll only have limited numbers available.


C64 Adventure Leisure Suit Leo

Previous buyers of Leisure Suit Leo 2 are in for a special treat: Reveal yourself sporting your original Leo button and we’ll offer you a little surprise!

After having the first production run of Leisure Suit Leo 2’s Deluxe Edition sold out in a matter of days, the second and last run will be available shortly at Protovision Shop. Total circulation of the Deluxe Edition will be limited to 99 copies and there will be no further batch!

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Leisure Suit Leo 2: German version temporary sold out, few English copies left in stock
Written by Poison

C64 Adventure Leisure Suit Leo

Out of Order Softworks and Protovision thank for the outstanding interest in the Deluxe Edition of Leisure Suit Leo 2! The German version is temporary sold out and we hereby announce a second and last production run! There are just a few copies of the English version left in stock – and digital natives can still feed their emulators with the digital download!

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If anyone is doing Larry around here, then it’s him: Leisure Suit Leo 2 – Deluxe Edition!
Written by Poison

Protovision and Out of Order Softworks present the re-release of the graphic adventure Leisure Suit Leo 2 – The Secret of Maniac Island.

The limited deluxe edition is available in German and English.

English speaking adventure fans get the classic game from 1997 for the first time – packaged in a large size box, along with an entertaining manual containing background information and a button to put on and show off.

Get the limited deluxe edition of the game in the Protovision shop now! (Nihilists take the nude download including the manual in pdf-format.)


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D42 Adventure system for C64
Written by Poison

Scheduled for this summer is the release of the D42 Adventure system – a construction set which allows any C64 enthusiast to develop sophisticated graphic adventures in the style of Crime Time or Soul Crystal, without requiring any programming skills. The box includes an editor and a game engine in both German and English, compatible with PAL computers, and an extensive manual in German. An English language version of the manual might appear some day in the far future.

Out of Order Softworks will be present at Gamescom (largest trade fair and event highlight for computer games in Cologne) on two days, presenting both products.


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Scene news: WIP C64-onlinegame Vortex 2
Written by Trixter

Leif Bloomquist released his game Vortex 2 for the testing phase. This game can use the internet to play against another person. In the game you can fly with your ship and shoot at the enemy, but nothing will happen at this stage in the development of the game. The game is auto-updating. You need an RR-Net or compatible cartridge (64NIC+, FB-Net, etc) for your C64 or you can use the VICE emulator. For more informations visit his blog, if you want to give feedback use the Retrohackers forum.



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Scene news: Taxim released new album “Full of Empty”
Written by Trixter

The SID Master Taxim (Alexander Ney) highlighted most recently the winner of last year’s RGCD Compo with an intimate music: Monster Buster.

Also for future Protovision/Out of Order titles is he active – stay tuned!

In addition to the C64, Alex operates with TAXIM, a dark electro and experimental project and has already released some CD’s.
Now TAXIM is back in top form and shows that SID sounds can be partly Cinematic music and Neoclassic elements revalue the previous works.

More information, audio samples, and links to buy can be found on


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