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We develop and sell NEW games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64.

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Sneak Peak: Sam’s Editions
Written by JTR

Knights of Bytes and Protovision are happy to announce three editions of Sam’s Journey that will be available through the Protovision shop when the time has come:

– Boxed Disk Edition 45.00 Euros
– Boxed Cartridge Edition 55.00 Euros
– Download Edition 19.99 Euros

Sam’s Journey will be the first game to feature our new fully printed cardboard boxes. Within the box you’ll find a colored manual (almost the same size as the box), an equally sized world map and further goodies to be revealed later on. The only difference between the Disk and Cart versions will be that the cartridge version saves automatically while in the disk version saving is triggered through a menu.

A new version of the C64 emulator Vice is currently being worked on that will support GMod2 (That’s the cartridge Sam uses) so emulator users will be able to play the cartridge version.




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Lumberjack released in Reset 4k Compo
Written by JTR

luberjackProtovision has teamed up with the legendary Megastyle and has released a small game into the Reset 4k Crapgame Compo!

Finally, you can be a Lumberjack, in our craptastically stunning and highly realistic woodchopper simulation game. Grab and rate Lumberjack and other interesting 4k games of Reset’s 2016 C64 4kb Game Coding Competition on CSDb.


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NEWS FROM THE C64 SCENE: QUOD INIT EXIT IIm available as download
Written by JTR

A nice little platformer was released for the C64 by Retream.

QUOD INIT EXIT IIm is only available as a download.
It costs $2 or more if you like. A physical version is not planned.



Protovision on Gamescom
Written by JTR

Together with our friends in Out of Order Softworks, we shared a booth at Gamescom – featuring a huge printed C64 screen with a blinking cursor and of course a possibility to play our games – including the upcoming Sam’s Journey!

Such a trade fair is an inexplicable experience. Magical things happen there.
For example, a guy came to our stand and played our games, then presented a C64 disk and said he wanted to have a look what’s on it.

labyrinth2We found a complete and unreleased C64 game on it that he wrote in 1989!

We will keep you informed about the release of this game… it’s a two player split screen Pac Man game with level editor.

We also pre-released a couple of fine product updates on Gamescom – more on that below.

Pictures of Protovision at Gamescom on our Facebook page.





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New: Update of the D42-Adventure System – now with Music Disk!
Written by JTR

The D42-Adventure System is available in our shop again – in a new version. Not only has this popular software been updated, it now also includes an extension disk – the blue D42-Music Disk, which includes over 40 tracks by Tobias Erbsland, categorised according to mood. You can use these in your own adventures as you see fit.


  • Other new features include:
  • support of Exomizer packed files
  • PC users can download I a script which prints a textual dump of a game for easier text reviewing
  • an English version of the ending sequence editor
  • several bugfixes

Owners of the old D42-Set can be provided with an extension set for a reduced price.


D42 in our shop:

Upgrade Pack Music Disk only:

D42-Adventure System 1.1 download:

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Fresh Heroes & Cowards available
Written by JTR

Due to the high demand, we have reproduced Heroes & Cowards again.

The noble steel box edition with its translucent disk sleeve, thick manual including a Byteriders interview and pentagram keychain in now available again in its unusually beautiful metal casing.


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New: Advanced Space Battle Scenario Disk Pack (for free!)
Written by JTR

For all those of you who love playing Advanced Space Battle, More.Gore Software has a free-to-grab addition for you: two disks with gameplay scenarios, ready for you to load and play!

Get it from our ASB product page.



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More Protovision games at
Written by JTR

As we cannot sell downloads to non-Germany-based-customers through our shop, we started to offer our downloads also via where they are available to everyone.

Now, *all* Protovision downloads are also available on our page!

We also created PC/OSX Emubundle versions of most of the games so you have the possibility to run the games on such unworthy computers more easily.


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Crowdfunding: Sam’s Journey in Spanish and Italian
Written by JTR

With Daniel Meléndez und Bieno Marti, Protovision now has an official representation in Spain.

sam-teaser-transparentDaniel launched a Protovision-approved crowd funding campaign for producing a Spanish and an Italian version of Sam’s Journey (with the box and manual all translated into Spanish/Italian) and Bieno will present Sam on RetroBarcelona, the biggest retro convention in Spain.

We are excited and curious to see how many backers will be brave enough to contribute!

Click here for the indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

Page of RetroBarcelona:




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New Social Media Master
Written by JTR

Since a few weeks we have a new member in our team.

Jörg Dröge, aka Nafcom, known for the great Diskmag on the Commodore C64 called „Scene World„, now provides Facebook and Twitter with all those Protovision related news.

Nafcom, we are very happy and proud to welcome you to the team!


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